You’re His Sprout.

As I was walking along the nature path on my walk one day, I was busy worrying about my problems and centered in my life. It had rained really heavily the previous night so there was water everywhere.  I was walking and looking down at my feet and at the path as I went along. As my feet hit the ground, I saw a tiny little sprout. This little green sprout stood amidst rocky, hard dirt and so much rain. That sprout (later I named him Moses) was not overcome by the water that had poured so heavily over him the night before. I kept walking thinking about how beautiful and courageous that little sprout was. But then some Holy Spirit intervention hit my heart, and I realized I had to go back and see “him” again to keep him for my memories.
I was with my mom, dad, and Forrest. I pointed to “Moses” and told them that I was this green little sprout. Through my life, I’ve been hit by rain, surrounded by rock, dirt, and unknown space, but God is still growing new life out of darkness.

The more I thought about it the more I realized something. Well, a few things.
Yes, I am a representation of that sprout. I am still standing amidst the hardship of my life.
But I’m only standing because the Father is holding me up. There is breath in my lungs because He has filled it with wind. There is a new song in my soul because He has written it on my heart. There is a reason for me to keep living because He whispered it in my ear.
But I also realized something else. I could have so easily stepped on that sprout in a split second…destroying it right then and there. I mean, it stood right in the middle of that path all by itself. But I did not. And just like in my own life, there have been so many times I could have been overcome by so many things. Fear. Sickness. Anxiety. Depression. Sorrow. But Divine love has protected me. I have not been crushed or “stepped” over.

No matter how much rain or drought or rocky soil, I will keep standing. And BECAUSE of it, I will keep growing. Because He is the LIGHT and the nourishment, I will become stronger and stronger.
In essence, in my ramblings…
I just want you to know that you are His sprout.
He calls forth every single child of His to grow. Oh what bravery, courage and dedication to Jesus that takes, my dear sister and brothers in Christ. But He is always, always there with us.
Stand tall. Because it is in the rain, in the drought, in the rocky soil, and in unknown space that you become the most beautiful, luscious plant.
He’ll be there making and molding you…just follow that sunlight like all plants do…and new life will be made from a tiny sprout. You will not be overcome, or “stepped over” because His divine protection is like an umbrella of grace, mercy, and strength covering you every single day that you cry out to Him.

Whatever you face today, do not be trampled down by the water or swallowed up by the rocks. For you have a mighty God on your side. He is a God who calls us to be strong, courageous, brave, and to stand tall in the midst of our hardships. Don’t be mistaken, He isn’t a God who will call us to face these trials alone. For He is the sunshine and nourishment that gives us our strength and beauty and will create our tiny sprout to become a beautiful flower! We will go into battle with Him on our side. He will be ever present. Today, let us declare that will NOT grow weary but stand on mountain heights by His strength, wisdom, and guidance.

All my love,